Classic New Mexico Homes
Historic adobes have always been Wayne's and my passion.  When we had the opportunity to expand and renovate one on Pioneer Park we jumped at the chance.  The owner is a truly wonderful person to collaborate with and when complete, will be a cozy compound and a site to behold.
Exposed adobe where we cut in a new window
Window Replacement
Back porch after (closed in and modified)
Adobe courtyard wall in progress
Yard in progress
Swimming pool in progress
Existing east yard before construction
East yard adobe wall and gate added
Work In Progress, tearing out the shower to make room for the claw foot tub
Before, this was the front yard looking a little tired.
Modifying the front porch and adding a banco
In that opening we put an old leaded glass window to add morning light to the front porch, but still maintaining that element of privacy
Back yard before the remodel
Backyard after the pool addition
Backyard showing the casita addition
This the existing west yard before we added the private garden off of the kitchen
Work in progress
Privacy wall to hide the kitchen garden
This is the west yard after
Added this rock arch on the west side
Existing back yard before any modifications
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